Serviced Office in Singapore


One of the first consideration of starting up is an office space.

Now, whether you are a one man show (OMO) or a startup with a few partners or employees, we believe having a proper office space is crucial to your business success.

Sure if you are a one man show and you can save cost working from home. This is especially true if you need to manage your finances, keep your expenses low. But consider this from the point of view from productivity.

How many of us can wake up, go to your desk at home and work at the same rate as if you were in an office setup?

While I have no doubt the more disciplined can certainly do this, most of the rest of us can’t.

Your home is your comfort zone, your work place is your war zone. The act to making a trip to your office every morning MATTERS!

If you were working from home, how many times will you be taking that coffee break, attending to your kids and the thousand and one things that take your attention away?

Serviced Office Is The Solution

Now it is good news to know that there are affordable solutions for your office space needs.

1. No long term commitment for long contract

2. No need to sign a contract for your business internet

3. No need for fancy office furniture and decor

4. No need for the hundreds of little things that will catch you by surprise

The answer is serviced office, a concept where a serviced office provider provides you little small office rooms (sits between 1 to 4, sometimes more). The solution comes complete with pantries, shared meeting rooms, shared receptionist and other value-added services (such as mailing and courier services).

So do give short term office rental services like the serviced office concept a try. It makes a difference to your productivity and business image.